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    • Powerball Chocolate Pack


      Organic Chocolate Powerball made with raw cacao and Gabfoods homemade peanut butter, crafted by our own Patisserie Ingredients Peanuts, Almonds,…

    • Breakfast Cookie


      Organic Breakfast Cookie, made with Gabfoods organic Ghee, Homemade Crystalized ginger and Gluten-free organic oats, finely crafted by our own…

    • Sexy Walnuts Activated Nuts


      Activated and dehydrated Walnuts, covered in a Chocolate and Maca paste. Elevating your mood and sexual energy. 90 gr. Ingredients…

    • Hyperactive Hazelnut Activated Nuts


      Activated and dehydrated Hazelnuts, covered in a smooth Matcha and Moringa sweet paste. Giving you energy and fighting inflammation. 90…

    • Chilled Cashews Activated Nuts


      Activated and Dehydrated Cashews, covered in a Golden Mylk and Ashwangandha paste. Making you feel relaxed and grounded. 90 gr.…

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      Seed and Nut Tahini Bars


      GF Organic Oats, Figs, Pepitas, Tahini, Honey, Flaxseeds, Chia seeds, Cinnamon, Organic Chocolate, Coconut oil  

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