Vegan Breakfast

Vegan Breakfast

You can enjoy a beautiful organic breakfast in Gabfoods, ranging from Vegan dishes, to organic eggs, cheeses, dairy and meats. We carefully choose the best organic local producers in order to maintain very high standards in our dishes.

Non-processed ingredients

We are recognized for being leaders in creativity, taste and health. We make everything from scratch in order to carefully control what goes in the plate of our clients as well as to bring things that don’t exist in the market, such as coconut plant-based yogurt, gluten free granolas made with organic ingredients, as well as Paleo Granolas! We make our own gluten free flour mixes with the highest quality of rice, almond, coconut, oats, buckwheat, tapioca in the market. We do not use any processed ingredients because we care about the quality!

Gluten Free!

We sprout all the grains in our dishes in order for our clients to have a better digestion! Every dish has been carefully created to ensure you feel good and happy after you eat it! Our breakfast ranges from gluten free vegan pancakes, topPaleo low carb waffles, to 5 kinds of gluten-free porridge’s, 3 of them which are Vegan!


We also make our plant-based milks fresh every day, which included, cashew, hazelnut, almond, coconut and oat milk!

Wether you are vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free, a meat lover, paleo, keto or just a foodie, GABFOODS’s is the place for you!



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